Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cheap Lighting For Video

Looking at Cheap Lighting for video

The lighting for video by indie filmmakers usualy consits of cheap lighting for video due to budget constraints. By exploring the power of Magic Bullet's Colorista II, we are up scaling low quality film material shot with the Canon 550D also know as the Canon T2i, that was purposely shot with very bad lighting conditions. Do not try this at home kids (the lighting part), this is not how you should lit subjects.

(Cheap Lighting For Video - YouTube video shot with Canon 550D)

The idea is to show that in the event you discover bad lighting conditions after the filming has been completed a lot can be done in post-prodcution. You do not always need the most expensive cameras and lighting equipment or extravegent project budgets. If you have some time and dedication you can greatly increase footage quality where cheap lighting for video was used.

Cheap Lighting For Video
Cheap Lighting For Video

Project details:
Camera: Canon 550D  (T2i)
Lighting: $10 construction light
Footage: stock footage for a dutch energie commercial
Software: Premier Pro, After Affects, Magic Bullet's Colorista II

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